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Scott Bloch publishes first novel – Mount Wonder

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Scott Bloch’s new novel, Mount Wonder (WIPF and Stock, Oct. 2022), is based on the experiment in liberal arts education at the University of Kansas in the 1970s, the Integrated Humanities Program, taught by noted educator and writer, John Senior, and his colleagues, Dennis Quinn and Frank Nelick. They took radicals from the sixties and early seventies and exposed them to delight in education, in poetry, star gazing, and the ideas in the great books. They focused on drawing out students’ innate sense of wonder and awe. The narrator encounters a beautiful girl who leads him into lectures by these professors and into a profound odyssey of understanding, knowledge, love, lust, and the search for truth. For more information on the novel, go to

“This was a labor of love, something I worked on over the years, and finally came to fruition. It is my hope it will inspire people to want to read more good books and great books, and poetry. For in those can be found enduring sources of wisdom, strength, and peace.”