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You Need Access to the Best to get the Best Results

Our strategic collaborations with top notch lawyers around the country assure you the best resources for your case. At the law offices of Scott J. Bloch, PA, we work with lawyers who specialize in taking on tough cases and obtaining results. Scott Bloch was with Tarone & McLaughlin, LLP in Washington, D.C. where he was a partner with well known litigator C. Michael Tarone for two years.  He has formed a strategic alliance in SmithBloch for the last two years where he works with accomplished trial lawyer, David Smith, on class actions and complex suits.  SmithBloch works with a team of nationally acclaimed personal injury and consumer class action attorneys.

In addition, Scott’s association with William Skepnek on class actions, mass injuries, injured contractor cases under the Defense Base Act, and legal malpractice actions has produced results for clients all over the world.

Scott’s collaboration with Excelus Law Group of Beverly Hills, California provides additional expertise in complex actions from coast to coast, including employment law expertise and employment class actions.

Recent case collaborations include:

  • National class action settlement valued at $300 million, In re Dex Cool against General Motors, originated by Scott Bloch and David Smith of SmithBloch PLLC
  • $1,000,000 settlement over the life of an injured party, originated by Scott Bloch in association with William Skepnek
  • Initiated action against national law firm for malpractice and breach of fiduciary duty
  • Brought action against federal agency for mandamus and due process violations working with Mike Tarone of Tarone & McLaughlin, LLP
  • Initiated national class action on behalf of law enforcement officers against a federal agency for race, age and disability discrimination in collaboration with Excelus Law Group
  • Investigating national FLSA overtime class collective action against major restaurant company
  • Investigating consumer class action against three major automobile manufacturers for defective engine,transmission, and gas tanks with David Smith of SmithBloch
  • Settled action against large law firm for breach of fiduciary duty against law firm partner
  • Investigating consumer class action against major retailer

With background in complex litigation and advising, as well as leadership in government, our lawyers can provide reasoned, rounded advice, and when you have to go the distance – they are super lawyers who win in catastrophic injury, class action, financial fraud, employment discrimination, unfair competition, trade secret and intellectual property matters, government investigations, whistleblower claims, and government contracts and contracts disputes.

From our offices located in the heart of downtown Washington, D.C. (three blocks from the White House, one block from the Farragut North and two blocks from Farrgut West Metro Stations), we represent individuals, businesses and associations based in the District of Columbia, Virginia, California, Missouri, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Kansas and elsewhere in the United States and abroad.