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  • Testimonials

    "When nobody else in government would help me and the flying public, Scott Bloch did what was right with courage.  He helped us and made a difference to the system and against the powerful interests in FAA and the transportation industry.  He is a great attorney and public servant."

    —Anne Whiteman, FAA whistleblower and Public Servant of the Year 2005 (appeared on Oprah Winfrey Show with Charlize Theron on women mistreated in the workplace)

    "As I was injured and suffered PTSD, it was a battle to get CNA insurance to provide benefits that were paid for. After two years of suffering from my disability, I had gone bankrupt due to the lack of ability to maintain a job. Because of your professionalism and ability to provide an awesome service, we were able to get CNA insurance to agree and settle on an amount of money to take care of my family and medical needs. During the negotiating process, you stood by my family and did not give up on getting the maximum amount even though you were at your limit legally for your payment. You are a true ethical person who has the best interest in their clients."

    —Shane Freese,
    Afghanistan contractor

    "I was extremely lucky to find Scott Bloch. With Scott’s help I was able to get through the nightmares of the DBA work comp process and settle my case, which had been lingering in the system for over five years. Unlike my previous lawyer, Scott is not afraid to go to bat for his clients and always has their best interest at heart. He kept me informed of all developments and returned my calls and e mails promptly. Scott is a fighter for his clients and in my opinion that is all you can ask from your counsel. I would highly recommend Scott if you need help with your legal issues."

    —Mark Griffin,
    Iraq Contractor

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When what you need is results

You need a tough champion who has taken on large institutions and wins. At the law offices of Scott J. Bloch, PA, you will obtain representation from a tough advocate who has taken on big government and won, taken on big corporations and won, and helped his clients to realize their goals of obtaining justice and making a difference.

See this recent Brief to the U.S. Supreme Court As filed Cert Petition Brink et al. v Continental Ins et al., filed by Bloch and collaborators, challenging the regime of courts that allow abuses of workers by insurance companies and government contractors to continue.

Also read this piece Bloch on Scandal of Mistreatment of Veterans Fighting for America as Contractors, Bloch on aviation safety on national whistleblower issues by Bloch, addressing his role in overcoming odds, or this piece Washington Times Bloch Editorial on Hatch Act Report reflecting how he combated partisanship in national decision making.  He appeared internationally in the documentary “Fogotten Heroes” about the plight of contractors abroad who are injured and mistreated by the contracting companies and insurance companies.  See interviews here:

Whether it involves federal agency or government contracting issues, consumer fraud, whistleblower disclosures, personal injury, or defense base injuries or contract disputes, you need an effective advocate with a proven record of achievement to combat the challenges to obtaining justice in an increasingly complex world.  With his collaborations with other accomplished attorneys, he brings national resources to achieving your goals.  He is representing individuals in the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Kosovo (see Kosovo DBA, see this link, in English and Albanian), Macedonia, and elsewhere.

Recent results include:

  • $2 million plus award for victim of explosion in Iraq
  • $1.5 millon plus award for victim of IED explosion
  • $1 million plus award for contractor suffering from PTSD
  • Obtained death benefits for widow in Iraq contractor suicide case, go here to read more
  • Settled PTSD and physical injuries for personal security detail worker in Iraq for total over $900,000
  • Obtained award of $2,000,000 in case of firefighters back wages for work for Wackenhut in Iraq, go here to read more
  • Settled injuries of contractor who lost his foot in IED for $750,000
  • $820,000 for security contractor with PTSD and physical injuries
  • Settled PTSD and physical injuries claims of Iraq linguist for $650,000
  • Obtained $1,000,000 in overall benefits for widow whose husband died in Iraq after recent award and then subsequent settlement
  • Got military service member job he was denied plus back pay under USERRA because of discrimination due to his reserve duty
  • Brought action against large defense contractor for assault with vehicles on two persons working in Afghanistan, settled for undisclosed amount
  • Obtained $700,000 for contractor with multiple injuries in Iraq
  • Settled PTSD and physical injuries claims of Iraq security team member for $800,000
  • Obtained award from judge for Permanent Total Disability for contractor in South Africa, read here:MANUEL_ADRIANO_N_v_DYNCORP_TECHNICAL_SE_2014LDA00625_(MAY_20_2015)_111022_CADEC_SD
  • Settled for children of pilot killed in Afghanistan by suicide bomber for over $700,000
  • Settled PTSD and physical injury claims for KBR trucker for $475,000
  • Settled claim recently for dental injuries for over $500,000 total
  • Filed two class actions in California recently against contractor AECOM for breach of contract and fraud for aviation mechanics misled as to qualifications required for job, one settled, other pending with 10 plaintiffs
  • Filed a class action for $2 billion against top government contractors on behalf of injured employees worldwide, go here to read more
  • Filed action against large law firm seeking over $50 million in damages for improper billing practices, go here to read more
  • Filed $500 million qui tam whistleblower action against major defense contractor for overbilling government and fictitious services, under seal currently in federal court
  • Filed a PRESS RELEASE Suit against Xe Blackwater for in excess of $240,000,000 on behalf of former employees in Iraq and Afghanistan who were misclassified as independent contractors (See reporting on suit here)
  • Filed national class action for WSI firefighters for lost wages and fraud, obtained interim award for first set of firefighters, remaining class action pending
  • Filed action against national nursing home chain for sexual abuse and fraudulent acts,
  • Settled class action for overtime against major food service company
  • National class action settlement valued at $300 million, In re Dex Cool against General Motors
  • $1 million plus settlement over the life of an injured party
  • $1.5 million award for victim of exposure to repeated trauma
  • Initiated national class action on behalf of law enforcement officers against a federal agency for race, age and disability discrimination
  • Obtained several hundred thousand dollar arbitration settlement for executive forced out of his firm for opposing improper contracting practices
  • Obtained over two hundred thousand for legal malpractice for individual
  • Obtained results recently for a party deprived of payments under a government contract
  • Obtained consumer settlement for defective automobile against dealership
  • Obtained settlement for employee discriminated against in a federal agency
  • Wrongful death settlement against surgeon for failure to resuscitate patient

With background in complex litigation and advising, as well as leadership in government, our lawyers can provide reasoned, rounded advice, and when you have to go the distance – they are super lawyers who win in catastrophic injury, class action, financial fraud, employment discrimination, unfair competition, trade secret and intellectual property matters, government investigations, whistleblower claims, and government contracts and contracts disputes.

See Scott Bloch giving speeches in Taiwan to groups concerned about the legal status of Taiwan as a nation, and its relationship to the United States.  Bloch spoke in Taiwan in a number of venues about the place of the whistleblower who delivers an unpopular message of corruption, abuse of power and illegal treatment of citizens and workers.  These are problems that people around the world are looking to the United States and its laws for guidance to remedy their internal problems.

See Scott Bloch on recent television program on the plight of contractors in Iraq.  Watch the segment here, linked in from defense base act blog:


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