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$50 million Lawsuit Targets Large Law Firm Billing Practices




On January 27, 2012, Scott  Bloch filed a lawsuit in Missouri against a large regional lawfirm, Husch Blackwell LLP.  Co-counsel William Skepnek of Lawrence, Kansas, and Loren Moll of Kansas City firm Caldwell & Moll, join him in the suit.  All three have a background in major actions against  lawyers who put their own interests ahead of that of their clients.

As reported in the media, the legal malpractice suit in Missouri state court claims that “the firm bungled the company’s 2008 stock offering and caused EnerJex to suffer $50 million in losses.

“In late 2007, EnerJex decided to raise capital by, among other things, engineering a reverse stock split, selling 5 million shares and getting listed on the American Stock Exchange … Husch Blackwell attorneys and co-defendants Jeffery Haughey and Robert Green …had little or no experience in performing the due diligence for a small startup or micro-cap company similar to EnerJex … the firm missed critical deadlines: EnerJex’s S-1 registration was filed with the SEC in April 2008, five weeks behind schedule, according to the petition.

“The suit also claims that Husch Blackwell’s work on EnerJex matters “was bloated with superfluous lawyers who performed redundant and unnecessary work.”

“EnerJex claims Haughey made numerous fraudulent representations to the company, including his claim that he could conduct due diligence for $25,000 and represent EnerJex in the public offering for as little as $100,000.”

To read more, click here for the article on this important lawsuit.  Click her Petition as filed to read the Petition filed in state court.

“Clients have a right,” said Bloch about the case, “to greater loyalty in carrying out their objectives, not the objectives of their attorneys in satisfying their billable hour goals.  The legal team here seeks not only to get justice for our client but to send a clear message to large law firms that overbilling and improper billing practices cannot go on.”