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Since 2016, Federal law allows victims of terrorist attacks to recover against nations and corporations that have provided material support to terror organizations. Our firm is partnering with various law firms that has obtained over $400M in civil judgments against the Islamic Republic of Iran and currently represents more than 100 other victims and family members in pending or soon to be filed litigation, some of whom are clients of Scott Bloch law.  One such case, Roberts et al. v Islamic Republic of Iran viewable here, 24 – 2022-01-25 Memo Opinion re Motion for Default, was successful in obtaining judgment against Iran for over fifty of Bloch’s clients.

Scott Bloch has championed military and overseas contractors for fifteen years.  In the last 15 years, he has secured over $300M in recovery for American and Foreign contractors, and services members, for injuries relating to their service overseas, class actions over wages, and discrimination.

Congress has passed a variety of laws aimed at providing financial and legal assistance to victims of international terrorism – our goal is to help bring awareness of those laws and to make certain that our clients are taking advantage of every available opportunity. This law, Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act or JASTA, allows for filing suit against Iran, Syria, and Sudan, the countries formally designated as state sponsors of terrorism, or against any other entity that has aided, abetted, or conspired with those countries, or the terrorist organizations they support. Once a civil judgement is obtained, we will guide our clients through a variety of collections efforts, including applications to the United States Victims of State Sponsored Terrorism Fund, a pool of resources funded by monies confiscated from international banks and businesses that have been convicted or pled guilty to helping fund global terrorism.

Even if you or a family member has settled a DBA personal injury case, you may still have a claim against a state sponsor of terror, such as Iran, provided a link can be made between the event that caused the injury and some state sponsorship of the terror act or acts.

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