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“When nobody else in government would help me and the flying public, Scott Bloch did what was right with courage.  He helped us and made a difference to the system and against the powerful interests in FAA and the transportation industry.  He is a great attorney and public servant.”

—Anne Whiteman, FAA whistleblower and Public Servant of the Year 2005 (appeared on Oprah Winfrey Show with Charlize Theron on women mistreated in the workplace)

“As I was injured and suffered PTSD, it was a battle to get CNA insurance to provide benefits that were paid for. After two years of suffering from my disability, I had gone bankrupt due to the lack of ability to maintain a job. Because of your professionalism and ability to provide an awesome service, we were able to get CNA insurance to agree and settle on an amount of money to take care of my family and medical needs. During the negotiating process, you stood by my family and did not give up on getting the maximum amount even though you were at your limit legally for your payment. You are a true ethical person who has the best interest in their clients.”

—Shane Freese, Afghanistan contractor

“I was extremely lucky to find Scott Bloch. With Scott’s help I was able to get through the nightmares of the DBA work comp process and settle my case, which had been lingering in the system for over five years. Unlike my previous lawyer, Scott is not afraid to go to bat for his clients and always has their best interest at heart. He kept me informed of all developments and returned my calls and e mails promptly. Scott is a fighter for his clients and in my opinion that is all you can ask from your counsel. I would highly recommend Scott if you need help with your legal issues.”

—Mark Griffin, Iraq Contractor

The settlement you obtained for me after the death of my husband enabled me to save my house and provide for my youngest daughter and granddaughter who need help right now. I was abandoned by my deceased husband’s employer and their insurance company after the death of my husband. Nobody would take my case. I was devastated until you came along. You are a wonderful human being and restored my faith in mankind with all your help to a complete stranger. I thank God that he sent you across my path in life!

—Riekie Bezuidenhout

“Your services were worth every penny!! Rest assured, if anyone asks me about an attorney you will be the one I refer them to.”

—Satisfied client in government contract pay dispute paid in full

“Scott Bloch has represented me and others who were injured while working in Iraq and Afghanistan with complete honesty and professionalism, and with great results.  I came to him because I had been essentially abandoned in a complicated process.  I have recommended Scott to people all over the world who require the services of a honest legal mastermind.”

—Satisfied client in Defense Base Act case

“Scott Bloch has represented me aggressively in many things over many years, and I’ve found no tougher or smarter advocate. He will not give up until he obtains very good results for his clients. You do not want to mess with him.”

—Tim Allen, Real Estate Developer

“I am most pleased with the Hon. Scott J. Bloch… I am even more impressed by the actions that Bloch has taken and is taking to ensure that federal agencies comply with USERRA [Protections for returning Service Members against job loss and discrimination]. Referring a USERRA case… is no longer a useless formality.”

—Capt. Samuel F. Wright, JAGC, USNR (Ret.), from Law Review No. 148 of Reserve Officers Association

“He provides us with honest legal advice and brings the human aspect of claims back into the picture. You feel like you have a voice again instead of just being a number. I therefore have no problem in recommending Mr. Bloch to anyone as legal counsel.”

—Ursula Nel

“When I really need someone who will go the distance, I call Scott Bloch.  He succeeds where others will not even dare to tread.  I have known him for twenty-five years, and he’s represented me and others to whom I have sent him and works well with others.”

—Satisfied referring attorney and client on several matters